Amaia Soroa.jpg
Amaia Soroa Bacaicoa

Graduate in English from the UPV-EHU, where she also took a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature and Literary Studies. She teaches English as a second language and has worked as a conversation assistant in two primary schools in Massachusetts, USA. This experience encouraged her to begin a doctoral thesis on the representation of mental health issues in contemporary literature written by Latino women living in the USA. She is currently working on her thesis with a pre-doctorate grant from the UPV-EHU. 

Idoia Aldama.jpg
Idoia Aldama Arana

She is currently a cooperation and diversity specialist at the Bizkaia Provincial Government Board of Equality, Cooperation and Diversity. She has a degree in Information Sciences and has taken post-graduate studies on cooperation for development and conflict resolution. With activist and professional experience in a range of social entities in the field of migration, cooperation, internationalism and feminism. She has been on charitable trips and task forces in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Sahara, Cuba, Colombia, etc.

Victor Baladoch.jpg
Víctor Baladoch

Hailing from the Catalan town of Rubí and currently living in Bilbao, he is a teacher at the Bilbao Film Creation School, specialising in experimental documentary cinema. He is a big fan of underground music, literature, cinema, performance and art. He has trained in several specialisations of still photography and develops his artistic career from an intimate and multidisciplinary outlook: photography, cinema, videoart, musical composition and performance, having put on several national exhibitions.


Maitane_Audens 008 copy.jpeg

Maitane Valdecantos Flores

Audens partner specialised in Intellectual Property and Digital Law. Head of studies at the Bizkaia Bar Association School of Legal Practice. Lawyer for the EHGEP Scriptwriters - Eusko Gidoigileak. Professor on the Official Master’s degree to access the legal profession from University of Deusto and the Bizkaia Bar Association, the degree course on Business Data Analytics and the Master’s degree on Digital Marketing from the University of Mondragon, among others.

Ana Bermejo.jpg
Ana Bermejo Arteagabeitia

Practising lawyer since 1994, favouring cases claiming compensation for work-related responsibilities, work-related disability declarations, family law and legal care for the third sector (minors, foreigners, etc.). Representative of the Governing Board of Bizkaia Bar Association. Spokesperson for the Court of Arbitration for the Bizkaia Bar Association (ICA). Communication and Culture manager for Bizkaia ICA, member of the International Cooperation Commission and Education for Development, and the Ethics Commission of the Bizkaia Bar Association. Professor on the Official Master’s degree for Access to the Legal Profession, from the University of Deusto. President of the Bizkaia ICA Choir. Member of the Editorial Board for the ‘El Boletín’ journal.

Xabier Madariaga.jpg
Xabier Madariaga Idirin

Journalist at EITB, working for the EITB group radio and television stations for almost 20 years. He started out in Jerusalem, witnessing and reporting on human rights violations in the Palestinian refugee camps and in the Near East. His career as a journalist led him to Madrid and Paris. After 7 years of working as a reporter in France, flagship country for human rights, he has returned to Bilbao and, since 2017, he has been presenting Ur Handitan, with more than 100 weekly interview programmes devoted to social issues.

Mª Carmen.jpg
Mº Carmen Jímenez Jímenez

Social Worker, authorised by the Basque Country Social Workers Association, vice-president of the Nevipen Ijito Elkartea Association to Promote the Gypsy Population in the Basque Country. She is currently working in a Social Working Intervention Team with Minors and Gypsy Families at risk of vulnerability for the Bilbao City Council. She is part of the Council to promote Comprehensive and Social Participation of the Gypsy Population in the Basque Country, sitting on several work commissions such as the Gypsy Women’s Commission and the Health Commission. In turn, she is a member of the Eraberean Network, Equal Treatment and Non-discrimination network, driven by the Basque Government to fight racial, ethnic or national discrimination or due to sexual orientation or identity and gender identity. On a national level, she takes part in the Equi Sasitpen Health Network, depending on the National Gypsy Population Council, and the Khetane Platform that works to emancipate the Gypsy Population.

Adoración Castro Jover

University Lecturer at the Law Faculty of the UPV/EHU. Her main lines of research revolve around protection of religious minorities and the interculturality model as a diversity management model. This perspective has guided her many publications that have been projected in a wide range of legal fields such as education, local government, public employment, social work, etc. She has run many Research Projects.

She has been invited to speak at conferences and seminars at European and other international Universities.

Jesús Antonio Pérez-Arróspide García

Graduate in Philosophy and Humanities. For many years he was the Director of Social Welfare at the Basque Government where he set up the plan to fight poverty and the minimum income allowance. He was also the General Secretary for Drug addiction in the Basque Government, Coordinator for the Development of the Euskadi Youth Plan and Collaborator in 3rd Sector Organisations to fight exclusion and poverty (Fiare Banca Etica, Esplai, Edex, Keinu...). He is currently President of the Eguia Careaga Foundation, a non-profit-making entity that aims to help improve social welfare policies, organisation of Social Services and social action professional practice. 

Silvia Gregorio.jpg
Silvia De Gregorio Etxebarria

Degree in Law from the Public University of the Basque Country. Subsequently, after taking a Master’s degree in Property Law at the Madrid Bar Association, she worked as a lawyer for 6 years. After taking a Master’s degree in Development and International Cooperation from Hegoa, in 2001 and 2002, and progressive specialisation in gender in Development, she worked in several Development NGOs where she could look in greater depth at work on gender in cooperation both in the headquarters and in the Central American context, particularly thanks to the Development NGO Mundubat. Since 2006, she has been working as the gender specialist in the Euskadi Development NGO Coordinator.

Nerea Garmendia.jpg
Nerea Garmendia De La Fuente

She has worked in the culture sector for 20 years in the fields of production, cultural management, project coordination and distribution, mainly in Catalonia and the Basque Country. After graduating in Basque Philology, she took advanced studies revolving around cultural management, such as a Postgraduate course in Cultural Management and Policies, the Master’s degree in Cultural Management or the Post-graduate course on Show Management and Production. She has worked as a teacher on Design of Sociocultural Projects for the Galicia Xunta and on the programme for the Cultural Management Master’s degree at the University of Barcelona. In Catalonia, she worked on production and management of the Mireya Tejero Company and on creation and production of the 2nd Monstra d´ Espectacle de Butxaca (AGT, Associació Gironina de Teatre). In the Basque Country, she has worked on cultural production, distribution and consultancy in the last few years, working on distribution for Ados Teatroa in 2019. She is currently working at (H)emen (Association of professional women in performing and audiovisual arts) in the coordination and communication areas.

Foto Inigo Durana.jpg
Iñigo Durana Ibañez

Degree in Political Sciences and Administration, diploma in Social Work and a Master’s degree in SME Management and Administration and in socioeducational intervention for at-risk families and childhood. His ideology guides the economy towards a social and supportive concept. He gave Micro-company courses in Lima (Peru) where he was an aid worker helping small companies with barely any resources to set up and manage their business projects. He has worked as a film critic on Radio Gorbea and has worked on the Basque Cinema Week in Vitoria-Gasteiz. He thinks that cinema can change awareness and help critical thinking. Since 2010, he has been working at the Basque Development Cooperation Agency.


Cecilia Pascual.jpg
Cecilia Pascual

PhD in Humanities and the Arts from the National University of Rosario, Argentina. Researcher on topics of Urban Space, Gender and Diversity. Specialist in gender and diversity issues and activist for lesbian visibility. She has been a university lecturer for many years. She also writes content for audiovisual representation of lesbians.

Ana Huertas.jpg
Ana Huertas López

Degree in Psychology from the Pontificia University of Salamanca. Master's degree in Social Intervention Psychology from the University of Deusto. Intervention experience with drug addicts and people with functional diversity. She is currently a support expert in the Bilbao City Council Area of Cooperation, Cohabitation and Festivals.

Lander Telletxea Armendariz

Fine Art graduate from EHU/UPV, he has been a member of the Zinegoak team (Bilbao International Festival of LGBTI cinema and performing arts) since 2015. Winner of the “New Directors” poster at SIFF (2013) with several special mentions in subsequent years. LGTBI activist, he considers that cinema is the medium that best unites political, social and artistic worlds.


Agurtzane Romero.jpg
Agurtzane Romero Tejero

Teacher at the IES Nicolás Larburu high school, Coordinator for the VALORES 4.0. Project. Active member of the school’s equality plan commission, with a constant concern for the sustainability of all aspects of the world. 20 years teaching as a psychopedagogue, considering students as people.

Cristina Pascual.jpg
Cristina Pascual Aldazabal

Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the EHU/UPV and from the USC, and Senior Specialist in Events production, she finished her studies in 2015. As an activist in cultural organisation in Sestao for over 10 years, she has experience in production and management of events and cultural projects. For the last year, she has been working as the Communication Manager for the Haceria Arteak Association, on the ZAWP project, Zorrotzaurre Art Work in Progress, in the Zorrotzaurre district..

Unai Garcia.jpg
Unai Garcia Gallastegui

Expert in Development Cooperation at Getxo Town Council, from 2004 to the present day. Basque-speaker, fourth seniority level civil servant in Public Administration. Degree in Political Sciences and Administration. Degree in Urban Industrial Sociology. Master’s degree in Strategies, Agents and Policies for Development Cooperation. 

Arrate Agirrezabal.jpg
Arrate Agirrezabal Prado

Profesora del Departamento de Psicología Social y Metodología de las Ciencias del Comportamiento en la Facultad de Psicología (UPV/EHU). Miembro de la Comisión del Practicum de la Facultad de Psicología, encargándose junto con otras compañeras, de las prácticas de Cooperación. Colabora con la Oficina de Cooperación al Desarrollo de la UPV/EHU en el programa Gaztenpatia gestionado por EuskalFondoa. Experiencia profesional y activista en el ámbito de la lucha contra el Sida y la exclusión social.

Silvia Bilbao.jpg
Silvia Bilbao Machado

Licenciada en Periodismo y Diplomada en Dirección Cinematográfica, además de realizar cursos de crítica cinematográfica y dramaturgia entre otros.  Ha participado en numerosos proyectos y rodajes a nivel nacional. Ha escrito y dirigido el cortometraje “La Distancia” que se encuentra en Postproducción y Distribución.  Entre sus últimos trabajos destacan: Ayudante de dirección y producción para el Cortometraje “9 pasos”. Finalista premios Goya 2019.  Auxiliar de Producción para la serie “Caminantes” de Koldo Serra. Orange TV. Coordinadora de Figuración y de Producción para la serie “La línea invisible”.  Movistar TV. Jefa de Producción para el documental “Generación Antitodo”. Saregabe. En Octubre comienza su andadura como docente en la escuela IMVAL audiovisuales.

Jorge Río Esteban

Director de fotografía y productor audiovisual. Estudió Imagen en la ESCIVI de Andoain y posteriormente, sacó la plaza para estudiar Dirección de fotografía en la ECAM. Ha trabajado en 8 largometrajes. Este año estrenó "Lo perdido" su primer largo como director de fotografía y co-productor, en los otros proyectos, desarrolló tareas de ayudantía de cámara (4), montaje (2) y eléctrico. Además ha trabajado en más de 35 cortometrajes, destacando "De repente la noche" y "Free kick" que estuvieron en la selección final, antes de los nominados, a mejor cortometraje, en los Goya, de 2019 y 2012, respectivamente. También ha trabajado en televisión y en teatro.

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